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{April 10, 2006}   Preparing for Middle School

I chose and like this article because I want to teach middle school. This article is for parents to read and help with the transition their children will be making. I think this article should be given to every graduating fifth grader and his/her parents. Middle school can be something difficult to get use to when coming from elementary school.


{April 10, 2006}   School Uniform

Schools have become the number one spot for fashion shows to take place. When students get into the ages of adolescence they tend to have a self-esteem problem. They begin to go through the phase of needing to be accepted and trying to find out who they really are. The popular kids have the nice clothes and shoes, makeing the kids that are less fortunate even lower in their "hierarchy". When I was in school I hated even the thought that they were thinking of giving us uniforms, but now as a future educator I can see where they are needed. Students are spending too much time and putting in too much effort into what they where, which causes distractions in school. Uniforms should be enforced. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_uniform

{April 10, 2006}   School Prayer

School prayer seems to be a very hot issue today. I personally don't see anything wrong with it. Yes, there are many different religions in schools now, but each student is their own individual and is entitled to practice whatever religion they participate in. This article cam from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_prayer. I am happy that they have put in the moment of silence in the morning announcements.

I like this article because it had a lot in common with some of the parents at the school where I did my field experience. There was a new teacher at the school and many of her students parents would pop up in her class or disagree with everything she said because they felt she didn't know what she was doing since she was new. I don't like the fact that parents butt into what happens at school, in the teacher's classroom. I feel if there isn't and real problems, they shouldn't be there. I found this article at www.washingtonpost.com

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{February 13, 2006}   Turning on the Switch


I really enjoyed this movie. The teachers’ approach to informing the kids was different yet very effective. The stuents seemed to be more involved and willing to learn what was being taught to them. They took more into perspective and put more time and effort into their work. I would use this as guidance in my classroom, for more open discussions based on topics that are important to the students outside the classroom. I think the students would enjoy it more, because it gives them the opportunity to speak their minds on what they feel and would like to see happening in the world around them.

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